The Company

Art Consulting is an independent expert institution which provides comprehensive verification and valuation of works of art in compliance with Russian and International standards and requirements.

Art Consulting has its own Laboratory of Technological Evaluation equipped with high-end technical facilities sufficient for comprehensive appraisal of works of art.

The Service Package devised by Art Consulting to meet the requirements of insurance and financial markets makes it possible to have a work of art insured and used as collateral or investment instrument.

The Package involves three stages in which the Services are provided:

  1. Technical Expert appraisal of a work of art. Determining the time of creation based on features from which the age can be derived. A range of appraisals using non-destructive laboratory methods of exploring the base, the primer coat, the paint payer and undercoat.
  2. Art Expert appraisal and attribution (author identification) of a work of art.
  3. Valuation. A range of activities aimed at determining market or/and other value of art works as required.

All work is done at a high professional level. Combined with stringent standards and transparent procedures it assures maximum correctness of appraisals and results achieved.

Particular care is exercised by Art Consulting in strict adherence to the international ethics norms and confidentiality of client information and services provided to them.

Partners and Clients

Art Consulting works closely with the Museum Fund Authority of the Russian Federation helping the Authority in complex expert evaluation tasks. That relationship allows Art Consulting to conduct applied research in art work appraisal methods and develop its reference base from studying works of Russian art held by the Russian museums.

Art Consulting counterparts in business are representatives of international and domestic insurance markets, such as: Lloyds of London, Marsh, Ingosstrakh, Renaissance Insurance, Reso Guarantee and others. All above companies are closely linked with the art market as leaders of the Industry, especially with regards to insuring museum and private objects and collections of art.

The Lloyd’s of London market of re-insurance, based on expert assessment and valuation by Art Consulting, accepts for re-assurance from Russian insurance companies Objects of Art originating from Russian private collections.

Over 150 collectors, dealers and companies have become clients of Art Consulting in 2004, whose area of interests is Russian Art.

Comprehensive Expert Appraisal and Valuation of a Work of Art and of a Antiques

With regard to old art we operate on the basis of “Comprehensive Appraisal and Valuation”.

Art Consulting would not issue art expert verdicts on old art bypassing analysis and findings of our Technological Laboratory (the only exception is old art of envisaged value of less than USD 10 000, as well as contemporary art). Also, we do not valuate art which has not passed our expert appraisal.

Confidentiality and Transparency


Art Consulting observes full confidentiality with regard to the client and services provided in each specific case.

We operate on the basis of advance booking and schedule our appointments in such a manner that our clients should not meet in our offices. If you have arrived without prior booking, please bear with us if we ask you to wait in a nearby room.

We accept works of art for valuation from any client-owner or the owner’s representative. Only if we are asked to valuate, we would request information about the owner or a POA to represent the owner. In other cases we are not interested in the information about the owner. We provide our conclusion on the presented work of art to the person who had submitted it to us and signed a contract with us for assessing the Object of Art. In any event the information about our clients is held in a restricted data base where access is limited even for the company personnel. We rule out contacts of our experts with the clients observing confidentiality of information about our clientele.

Every expert and employee of our company are under signed obligation to observe confidentiality with regard to information related to the investigations conducted and results obtained with regard to any Object of Art submitted for analysis.

We do not disclose information to our clients with regard to investigations which may have been conducted with regard to works of art being submitted for evaluation by them. We can only confirm authenticity of our conclusions which had been issued before.


As a must, we always respond to any issue raised by our clients. We appreciate the value of any work of art which is being placed with us for evaluation by our clients. We do our best to alleviate any worries that a client might have having parted with a dear object, if only temporarily, and have proved our reliability in that regard. The client always gets first hand information on the progress of evaluation work in a timely manner. On completion of evaluation the client receives full report on the work done and our findings.

Professionalism and Responsibility


We apply stringent standards to the experts we involve in our valuations. We only work with the very best Russian and international experts in art and technical aspects of art valuations. We highly value our relationship with those experts and are proud to be able to deal with the best.

Our main principle is: there is no expert who knows everything. Each staff member and expert involved by Art Consulting in the evaluation work only covers aspects where the expert’s authority and skill are indisputable.

Experts-Technologists, who are invited by Art Consulting to work in the Laboratory of Technological Evaluation, have many years behind them of valuation analysis and research with state expert organizations. The Laboratory is headed by Doctor of Arts Yu.I. Grinberg, author of most fundamental research in the area of history of painting technology, with over 80 of published research papers.

Artistic evaluation of Russian art works is conducted by Art Consulting based on specific assignments involving art experts, authors of manuscripts, specialists in different periods of domestic art, who are mainly staff members of Russian museums and research centers whose authority and competent reputation are well recognized both at home and abroad.

The “Art Experts List” from which Art Consulting draw personnel for its evaluation jobs has some 50 names and is approved by Lloyds of London for responsibility insurance purposes.

Experts who conduct valuations at Art Consulting are valuators, art consultants, economists and lawyers with professional education background and practical experience. They have formed a wholesome working group who pass collective verdicts on the value of works of art.


We accept full responsibility for our decisions which we carry before our clients and partners. We value our reputation. In difficult cases and when the envisaged value of an Object is high we insist on the client applying to several evaluation parties for second opinion.

Art Consulting carries professional responsibility to its partners and material to its clients for the whole range of work and rendered services.

That is why in conducting comprehensive appraisals and valuations Art Consulting have professional responsibility of its experts and specialists insured from errors and omissions (Errors & Omissions Policy) to the amount of USD 3 Mln. with Russian insurance companies of Ingosstrakh and Renaissance Insurance on terms of coinsurance (Policy No. 100018420 of 05.02.2004).


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